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Cotton Infusion

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Cotton Infusion


Cotton Infusion: Co-branding  

With Who? 

The extension of Patagonia we are proposing would be to co-brand with a lower-end company.  Since Patagonia produces high-end performance products, this co-branding extension would open new doors to a new market.  In order for this proposal to succeed, it is key that Patagonia co-brands with a company that shares the same values and mission as Patagonia which is to, “build the best product, do no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”  Wal-Mart has recently shown great interest in joining the campaign for protecting our environment using organic cotton in apparel manufacturing.  With a company as large and diverse as Wal-Mart sharing the same mission, co-branding with them would open new doors for Patagonia.   

The Product Line? 

The product line we propose to both Patagonia and Wal-Mart is an inexpensive, fully functional clothing line for men and women which will include everything from underwear to shorts, to chinos, polos, oxfords, and casual tees.  The most important aspect of this new product line is that everything will be made of organic cotton.  Most will be made of 100% organic cotton and others may be more of a blend of organic cotton and other recyclable fibers.  A clothing line made solely of organic cotton is not only functional but affordable.   


Co-branding with a lower-end company would open Patagonia to an entirely new market of consumers.  This new line gives all demographics an opportunity to purchase environmentally friendly products as well as enjoying the brand label and status of Patagonia.  Patagonia is a company that lives by its values and its mission; exclusion of certain demographics is not something Patagonia wants to be known for especially because they want everyone to be aware of the environmental crisis and join the campaign in saving it.  By offering a more inexpensive line, everyone is given the opportunity “to save the world one cotton tee shirt at a time.”   

Marketing and Target Markets 

In order for this line to succeed, there needs to be a huge advertising campaign to inform the public of this new eco-friendly partnership between Patagonia and Wal-Mart.  The advertisements would focus on the importance of using organic cotton, the difference it can make, the comfort it provides, the quality is obtains, and the affordable costs at which it is sold.  By promoting that quality can be affordable and eco-friendly, every demographic can be targeted and everyone will be given the opportunity to purchase products that represent the new environmental era.   


The hope of this co-branding partnership between Patagonia and Wal-Mart is that people all over the world will become more aware of the environmental crisis we are living in and understand the great importance of using organic cotton and other recyclable fibers.  This partnership shows the world that every one can do their part in saving the environment.  Patagonia and Wal-Mart are extremely different companies in every aspect from the products they sell, to being privately and publicly owned, to the actual size of the stores.  If two companies as drastically different as these can join together for one cause, who can’t?  And what is a better cause than to save the world in which we live?  The hope of this new line is to have more companies use as much organic cotton and recyclable fibers as possible; it will make a difference.